Social Activity Points


At Jikaseh, we grant you POINTS for every SOCIAL ACTIVITY you do!

LIKE, SHARE, TWEET, REFER A FRIEND and even for SIGNING UP at our website!

Here is the Points list:

  • You Sign UP = You get 1000 points
  • You make a Product Review = You get 200 points
  • You Facebook Like a product = You get 200 points
  • You Tweet about a product on Twitter = You get 200 points
  • You Share a product on Google+ = You get 200 points

This is how you can earn the Referral Points:

You can introduce us to your friends using the “Refer a friend” page. On that page you can tell your friends about us either by the “email form” or the “referral link generator”.

Once one of your friends uses your referral link to visit our site, you earn points for his/her activities as following:

  • When he/she Signs Up, you get 250 points
  • When he/she Buys a product, you get 1000 points

And NOT ONLY ONCE, because this is LIFETIME. So as long as your friends shop from us, you will earn Points!